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Acolite Holding
Sdn. Bhd.

  • Factory and Machinery Registration Consultancy
  • Power Plant Design Consultancy and DOSH Registration
  • Boiler Plant Advisory and Registration
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Project Work
  • Qualify API Inpsection for UPV remaining life calculations and report
  • Online Trevi Test Calibration Service
Acolite Holding
Sdn. Bhd.

Sdn. Bhd.

  • Boiler Plant Design and Advisory
  • Boiler Installation and Erection Work
  • Boiler Flushing and Cleaning
  • Boiler Testing and Commissioning
  • Boiler Plant Registration with DOSH and DOE
  • Boiler Plant Operation and Maintenance Services
  • Boiler Plant Service and Repair
  • Unfired Pressure Vessel Design and Advisory
  • Unfired Pressure Vessel Fabrication
  • Unfired Pressure Vessel Installation and Erection Work
  • Unfired Pressure Vessel Testing and Commissioning
  • Unfired Pressure Vessel Registration with DOSH and DOE
  • Unfired Pressure Vessel Maintenance
  • Unfired Pressure Vessel Service and Repair
Sdn. Bhd.

Sdn. Bhd.

  • Lifting Equipment on Steel Structure Design and Advisory
  • Lifting Equipment Fabrication
  • Lifting Equipment Installation and Erection Work
  • Lifting Structure Reserve Engineering
     -Overhead Travelling Crane
     -Portal / Gantry Crane
     -Goods Hoist
     -Scissor Lift
     -Monorail Hoist
  • Lifting Equipment Testing and Commissioning
  • Lifting Equipment Registration with DOSH and DOE
  • Lifting Equipment Maintenance
  • Lifting Equipment Service and Repair
Sdn. Bhd.

Sdn. Bhd.

  • Compressor Air Treatment Filtration & Condensate Management
  • Cooling Tower System Supply, Service & Repair
  • Desiccant & Refrigerated Air Dyer Supply & Service
  • Hydraulic System Design, Supply, Service & Repair
  • Industrial Filters Supply
  • Screw Air Compressor Parts, Services, Repair, Overhaul & Rental
Sdn. Bhd.

Acogineer Services
Sdn. Bhd.

  • Noise Mapping
  • Non-Destructive Test
     -Ultrasonic Test
     -Dye Penetrant Test
     -Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT, AC Yoke, None Fluorescent
     W Method)
     -Conventional Radiography Test
     -Hardness Test
     -Floor Scanning
     -Positive Material Identification
     -Video Scope Inspection
  • Safety Valves and Pressure Fitting Part repair
  • Safety Valve & pressure gauge Calibration and certification
  • Safety Valve Supply & Service
  • Steam Boiler Visiting Engineer Services
Sdn. Bhd.
Copyright © 2024 by Acolite Holding Sdn. Bhd. All rights reserved.
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